10 May 2017

How to Bust Down the Doors and Get Involved in Democracy

Politics has been designed to create individualization and disillusionment in most societies across the globe. The image it gives off creates confusion, anger and boredom for lots of people, which may be why so little changes when new leaders come into power, and why people are left feeling helpless and

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13 Nov 2016

What the Kennedy Assassination Told Us About the World Order

November 22, 1963. For those alive then, this is a day never to be forgotten. For those who were not, it’s a day we read about and know as a defining moment in the history of the United States and possibly the world. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy

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06 Jun 2016

How to Stop Being Controlled and Take Your Community into Your Own Hands

Many of us in neighborhoods across the world believe we do not have control of our communities. From political organizations to law enforcement to criminals, the wrong people are often in charge of our neighborhoods. This leaves us at their mercy. But we don’t have to put up with it.

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