21 Jun 2017

Eyes on the People: How Snowden Changed How the Government Operates

Over the course of early June 2013, Edward Snowden became a household name. By revealing classified NSA documents involving government global surveillance programs that ran in concert with allied governments and telecommunications companies, Snowden sent shockwaves throughout American government and society. It sparked a firestorm of activism and concern across

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10 May 2017

How to Bust Down the Doors and Get Involved in Democracy

Politics has been designed to create individualization and disillusionment in most societies across the globe. The image it gives off creates confusion, anger and boredom for lots of people, which may be why so little changes when new leaders come into power, and why people are left feeling helpless and

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11 Apr 2017

The Unseen Front: The Looming Spectre of Cyberwar

Traditionally, war is viewed as a direct conflict between two or more countries, the exception being civil war (infighting). The Cold War of the 1900s altered our perceptions and the “cyberwar” of the 2000s is certain to do the same. Yet what exactly qualifies as a “cyberwar?” Is it simply

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12 Feb 2017

How the Current State of News Media Allows So Many Lies to Pass

News and media companies broadcast incorrect stories; this is nothing new. Events are amplified to grab attention and dialogue is deliberately taken out of context and framed to have a manipulative impact on the public. The truth is the news and media companies will only work with stories that are

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24 Jan 2017

How Brexit Could Inspire Americans to Action

Brexit was, is and will continue to be a messy event in the history of British and European relations history. The general public in the UK was swayed in the direction of voting for Brexit on false premises, misinformation and the promise of a better, safer and more secure future.

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12 Dec 2016

How to Look at the Government Beyond Media Spin

The media loves a good story. It boosts ratings, develops mass hysteria and frames an issue to help people form an opinion. In the world of journalism, this shaping of messages is more commonly referred to as spin. If you’re not aware of this tactic, you may not have total

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13 Nov 2016

What the Kennedy Assassination Told Us About the World Order

November 22, 1963. For those alive then, this is a day never to be forgotten. For those who were not, it’s a day we read about and know as a defining moment in the history of the United States and possibly the world. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy

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06 Sep 2016

5 Countries That Are More Restrictive Than China

It’s an unavoidable truth that not all internet is created equal. The worldwide web is not quite the global phenomenon many believe it to be. Geo-blocking is a concept in which countries place restrictions on the websites available for social, political or even religious reasons. While many consider China as

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06 Jun 2016

How to Stop Being Controlled and Take Your Community into Your Own Hands

Many of us in neighborhoods across the world believe we do not have control of our communities. From political organizations to law enforcement to criminals, the wrong people are often in charge of our neighborhoods. This leaves us at their mercy. But we don’t have to put up with it.

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