The rapid rise of digital technology may be the sharpest double-edged sword humanity has ever wielded. We have, at our fingertips, access to seemingly infinite information, limited only by the time we have to search for it. This gives us the tools to solve any mystery, know every angle and discover every truth. But, this instantaneous and readily available information can also easily be used to manipulate, shape or even control the way we perceive and understand the world around us.

Don’t believe it? Just take a look around you and ask a simple question: why? This is an impossibly difficult question to answer—the world follows no logic and is becoming more complex, more chaotic and even more difficult to explain.

But the breakdown of logic and common sense did not happen by accident. Instead, it was created by the always-hidden ‘Masters of the Universe’ and propagated to us through a variety of different channels, the most powerful being, of course, the mainstream media. This has created a dangerous situation where those in power control how we think about them, reinforcing their position and weakening ours. From this, we can conclude:

We must trust where we get our information. Otherwise, our fate lies in the hands of others.

Lucky for you, though, you’ve escaped. You’ve asked “Why?” and have either found no response or are unsatisfied with what you’ve been told. You’ve broken free from being nothing more than a pawn in someone else’s chess game and have become a conscious, free-thinking individual in search of the truth. And you are not alone.

The Right Side of Truth is with you, 100 percent. We cut through all the media bias, government spin, and infotainment you see elsewhere on the web and on TV to bring you nothing but the cold, hard truth. Whether its unbiased government news, independent updates about civil unrest or tips to help you avoid censorship, we are here to provide you with the truth—free from any agendas or platforms— so that you can judge the world for yourself and interpret it from a position of personal knowledge.

We have no ulterior motives or secret ambitions. We are here to serve one purpose and one purpose only: the truth.

So take a look around and enjoy, for as soon as you step back into the world, you’ll never know what’s true or not!