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How the Current State of News Media Allows So Many Lies to Pass

News and media companies broadcast incorrect stories; this is nothing new. Events are amplified to grab attention and dialogue is deliberately taken out of context and framed to have a manipulative impact on the public.

The truth is the news and media companies will only work with stories that are either spreading fast or will help their sponsors (who have vested interests). In that sense, we’re only ever shown “some” news, and then misinformation. This is more evident with certain news companies than others, but be assured that it’s not a localized problem.

Horrifyingly, it’s not against the law for media companies to broadcast lies, which is why you must always take what you hear and read from media sources with a pinch of salt.


Spreading Misinformation

A lot of media outlets simply repeat what other sources have reported without doing their due diligence to check if a story or facts are legitimate. This results in spreading misinformation that forms people’s views, beliefs and perspectives on certain elements of society.

There has been a crackdown on “fake news sites” online; however, it’s worth understanding that smaller media companies aren’t just to blame. Most mainstream media companies have been involved in spreading incorrect and fake news stories as well.

Other cases of media outlets spreading misinformation can come through twisting a news story to suit their sponsor’s agenda. For example, throughout history, we’ve seen the infamous “divide and conquer” technique deployed into society. This happened most obviously when Adolf Hitler divided the Jewish community from non-Jewish members of the German public. These days the same can be seen with media outlets labeling most terrorists as Muslim, creating fear, racism and segregation on a global level.

This feeling enables the government to justify their attacks in areas such as Syria and leaves the ill-informed European and American public to believe they’re trying to keep them safe and protected. Take a look at the newspaper and TV headlines when attacks occur and see the difference in the way things are broadcasted when an attack is labeled as “terrorism” or “murder.”



If the sponsors or owners of media companies stand to gain from spreading fake news, they’ll do so. However, in recent years, more news broadcasters are coming out and telling the public what they were trained to do. They were trained to lie, broadcasting propaganda that would stir people up, generate better ratings, and push forward political agendas.

If reporters, journalists and news companies are compelled to comply with their sponsorship guidelines and the interests of their owners, where is the real truth in the so-called “news?”

Now and again media companies will let some stories pass through that help people to think change is occurring, but it’s never enough. This was seen when environmental health became a major cause for concern in recent years. People were told to do “their part” to reduce damage to our atmosphere. The invention of things such as the Prius, energy saving light bulbs and mass recycling was played up to make everyone believe they were reducing their carbon footprint.

Yet we know now that that isn’t going to be enough to save the planet and that it’s in the hands of the government to make dramatic changes to the way trade deals are made and food is produced to stop climate change getting out of control. Leonardo DiCaprio put out an enlightening documentary on this subject entitled, “Before the Flood.”

Obviously big business stands to lose a lot of profit if trade deals are altered, which is why they invest so much in media to protect their interests.



Overall, we can see how the current state of media is allowed to tell so many lies because it benefits them and their sponsors or owners. Dramatic stories boost ratings, interest in certain subjects, conjures fear and segregation, and keeps the public buying into consumerism, materialism, and whatever else the owners of the media companies want to pass into the public.

In order to avoid being contaminated by mainstream media or fake news sites, do your homework on any story that seems fishy, or better yet, find out the truth about the current state of the world through your own research. It helps to find out who owns media companies or who sponsors them to see behind what’s going on. Always ask yourself what story you’re being told or what you’re being told to believe when watching or reading the news.

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