How Brexit Could Inspire Americans to Action

Brexit was, is and will continue to be a messy event in the history of British and European relations history. The general public in the UK was swayed in the direction of voting for Brexit on false premises, misinformation and the promise of a better, safer and more secure future.

To condense what happened, we need to focus on immigration. People were persuaded immigrants were the country’s biggest problem and that they were causing the drain on the economy, terror attacks and almost every other issue you can think of. Then, Brexit was marketed as a way to control borders, refuse more immigrants entering the UK and remove those creating problems.

However, this persuasion generated mass racism, segregation and armed people with a “right” to be angry with immigrants, who are amongst the poorest of most societies and are often in need of serious help.

The other message sent around in support of  Brexit was that money currently being spent elsewhere would be put back into the National Health Service—this was not true and will not be true, which politicians have now made clear.


Wake Up Call

If America is to take something from Brexit, it’s the need to wake up and realize politicians are willing to prey on your biggest fears and pain points, promise a solution if you vote for them, but never deliver the goods.

Since Trump has gone into office, most media broadcast around him has been petty at best. All the while, he has made some devastating decisions that will have serious impacts on various issues.

As with Brexit, false promises were made by politicians that were never followed up on. People were brainwashed into believing fake news, stating immigrants were an issue and that the bigger investments to NHS would be made—none of which was true. However, racist chants were heard when Brexit was voted in, showing the epiphany of what the government wanted to happen to gain votes, even though it was all bogus.

The exact same thing was seen in America when Trump won the presidential election, as brainwashed members of the public shined the beacon of racism and ill-educated views.

Before things get worse, it’s time for America to use Brexit as an example of what can happen if you swallow everything up politicians and the media broadcast to you. Politicians are not contracted nor obliged to follow up with any claims they make during an election or voting processno matter how serious they may seem.


Get Involved in Democracy

There’s a common attitude held by many members of the public when absurd events “could” potentially occur. This attitude goes something like, “oh that will never happen.” While that perspective shows how ludicrous events such as Brexit or Trump winning the presidential election were, it didn’t stop them from manifesting. Why?  Because people with this mindset didn’t get involved in democracy. They left it up to others to vote, thinking most people held the same viewpoint, which sadly wasn’t always the case.

Due to these two large events, it shows that you can’t sit back and watch politics occur without getting involved. Every vote counts, and if you don’t put yours in, don’t sit back and moan when things don’t go the way you thought they would. Be proactive and voice your opinion in a way that counts and matters.


Spot Lies and Deceit

Another action point Americans should learn from Brexit is to spot lies and deceit when media and politicians are broadcasting stories. Ask yourself, what’s the agenda behind the story? Is this an attempt to manipulate? Can you see others being manipulated?

Brexit showed people clearly believing it meant the deportation of immigrants and investments in the NHS. Even to this day people still believe the promises that were made to them when they voted for Brexit, though none have materialized in the slightest. Could the same be happening right now in America?

Whenever the finger of the press and government is pointing in the same direction, take a look elsewhere and see if you can spot disconnections in their stories. See if you can unmask the veil of persuasion and uncover what it is they’re trying to achieve, whether it’s votes, distraction, segregation or any other objective.

Overall, Brexit showed that media and politicians are more than willing to spread misinformation and false promises to win polls. It showed the lack of care some politicians have for their once-believed-in causes—remember, they’re there to do one simple job:  get votes. Boris Johnson resigned his position with the Brexit brigade as soon as they won, showing he was only there to serve one purpose, a victory for Brexit.

The American public needs to wake up now more than ever, to identify misleading political language and to get involved in democracy to create positive change.

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