What is the Best VPN For Windows?

Summary: Governments continue to gain control over what we can and can’t see on the internet. They use geo-blocking techniques to limit what content you see based on your location.

By using a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, you can maintain your privacy and evade censorship. A VPN will hide your IP address and give you one based on the location of your choice, thus getting you around those pesky geo-blockades.

For the fastest and most secure VPN to use with Windows, get ExpressVPN right away.

In this day and age, it would seem we have access to an infinite about of information. However, as governments move to gain control over the internet, what we can access is slowly starting to dwindle away.

And this is not new! Companies and news outlets openly geo-block users from accessing their websites. Our online viewing habits are now open for monitoring since US Cybersecurity Act of 2015, which allows network operators to “monitor” their systems for “cybersecurity purposes.”

So how can you avoid this censorship, maintain your privacy and keep the internet free from government agenda?

The answer lies in a simple piece of software known as a VPN.


What Is A VPN?

A VPN (short for Virtual Private Network) is a network of servers run by a VPN provider that allows you to connect to the internet and still maintain your privacy.

All of you data is securely encrypted as it travels to and from your PC via the VPN server.

As a result, a VPN allows you to keep your data private, evade censorship by your ISP or government, “geo-spoof” your location, and protect yourself against hackers


Should I Use A VPN All The Time?

Accessing the internet via your VPN all the time is a personal choice. However, it does have it’s advantages depending on your browsing habits.

In our opinion, you should use your privacy tools as much as you can, not just when you don’t want internet activity known about. It means your internet usage and data remains private from prying eyes

As long as your VPN provider is giving you good speeds and unlimited data use, you should be able to leave it on all the time.

If privacy is important to you, make sure your VPN provider has limited logs. This means they don’t keep records of your use.


Free VPNs VS Paid VPNs

As you scour the internet, you may have found a ton of VPNs available, both free and paid. So which one is better? While a free VPN service might be tempting, often their quality is far less than their paid counterparts.

Firstly, free VPNs are notorious for their slow internet connections. Prepare to be taken back to the days of dial-up internet. Yes, they can be that slow!

If privacy is your biggest concern, then free VPNs should be avoided. Many free VPNs make their money by selling your information to 3rd party advertisers. Often their security protocols are basic at best, making them insecure and open to hacking.

And if you have a problem, don’t expect any customer support.

However, paid VPNs are a different story. Because people pay for their service, it is important for them to create a high-quality VPN service. (Otherwise, why would you pay for them?)

Paid VPNs have greater speeds than their free counterparts. They are stable and offer excellent connection speeds.

Many have a huge range of worldwide servers, which means you can access content not available in your country.

They are more secure, and their customer service will be able to help you if you run into any problems.

However, there are still heaps of paid VPNs available for Windows. So which one do you choose?


What Is The Best VPN Software For Windows?

As mentioned previously, it is important for VPNs to have fast speeds.

Another thing you need to consider is the location of where the VPN servers are. The more countries a VPN service is located in, then more options you will have when bypassing any local restrictions.

Finally, a good VPN should be easy to install and use on Windows. Some VPNs can be highly technical, and others have excellent software that is straightforward  – even for people with limited technical knowledge.

Now, instead of you spending hours researching the best VPN for your Windows PC, below we have searched around for you. Here are our top recommendations.


#1: ExpressVPN – 9/10 – Fast. Secure. Unlimited Bandwidth. Easy To Use

ExpressVPN was a standout during our research. With servers in over 87 countries, quick, consistent speeds, and unlimited downloads they quickly became a favorite.

For the privacy conscious, ExpressVPN has excellent encryption and security protocols.

It was incredibly easy to setup and use. We were about to download, install and start using it in under 14 minutes. The software looks great and is very easy to use.

We found many VPNs don’t allow torrenting; However, ExpressVPN allows P2P and Torrenting on its servers.

The only complaints we found about ExpressVPN was its limited use of connection logs. But if privacy is important to you, then this is a good thing.

With a 30 day money back guarantee, and excellent 24/7 customer service, ExpressVPN was a clear winner.

For the best VPN for your Windows machine, get ExpressVPN.


#2: IPVanish – 7.5/10 High Speeds. Reliable. Limited Customer Support

The top thing we loved about IPVanish was its speed. While not as fast as ExpressVPN, its network is lightning fast and the performance was excellent.

We found it’s software, very easy to use and reliable. Its app had some great extra features that weren’t found on some of the other VPNs tested.

One feature we loved was the automatic IP address cycling. If you don’t want websites to know what location you are accessing from, then this feature is perfect.

One thing we were concerned about was its headquarters are based in the US. Due to the local laws, this might mean it is not the best option for privacy.

Also, their customer support is only available during US daylight hours.

However, with hundreds of servers around the globe, combined with excellent speeds, IPVanish is a good VPN for any Windows PC.

Check out IPVanish here.


#3: HideMyAss – 5/10 – Good Speeds. Relatively Affordably. Poor Privacy Record

HideMyAss was one of the first mainstream VPNs available on the internet. With hundreds of servers spread around the globe, it is an excellent VPN for anyone traveling.

Its speeds were reasonable, however not as good as ExpressVPN.

Our main complaint was it software’s limited functionality and clunky interface. While it is relatively affordably, it has had a poor track record with privacy. As a result, it lost a couple of points in our ranking.

They do have a free service which you can trial for seven days. This is great if you are unsure if this VPN is good for you.

Check out HideMyAss here.


Conclusion: ExpressVPN Is The Top VPN For Windows

As governments move to gain more control over the internet, it is becoming more and more imperative you maintain your privacy and freedom.

To do this, it is important you choose a quality VPN provider for your PC. After hours of research and testing, we found ExpressVPN was the top VPN for Windows users.

Not only was their service fast, but with high-grade encryption and a world-wide network of servers, you can be sure your information is safe and secure.

To ensure your privacy, and bypass government censorship, get ExpressVPN today.

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