Five Most Influential Online Voices You Should Listen To

With the mainstream media taking up most of the news space, it can be difficult to filter through the noise to find the truth. However, thanks to a handful of ferocious and dedicated individuals, people can find honest, real, and informative news about what’s going on in the world.

We’ll cover these courageous individuals, so you can tap into pure and untainted news stories when you want to get the real scoop on what the mainstream media, politicians and big businesses are trying to distract us from.


Alex Jones 

Jones has been revealing real news for over 15 years now and shows no sign of slowing down. With millions of listeners and viewers digesting his radio show and films each day, he has reached people with the truth all over the world. His site, Info Wars, covers a wide variety of political topics, including interviews with the world’s top experts in their field, giving people both accurate and up-to-date information.

Motivated by his need and desire to instill equality and humanity across the globe, Jones is an unstoppable force. He has encouraged and inspired many to take up a life of activism, helping spread stories that need to be heard and understood by societies and communities all over.


Digby Parton

Digby Parton has run the Hullabaloo blog since 2003. Parton covers topics related to politics, social injustice and everything else you can think of that’s occurred on a mass scale over the past 14 years.

Her aggressive yet to-the-point writing style captures the reader’s attention, making it easy to understand and take in the severity of news stories. Parton likes to uncover what’s really going on behind news coverage, showing how world leaders such as Donald Trump are manipulating the public, distracting them from what’s happening underneath.


Ta-Nehisi Coates

Ta-Nehisi Coates writes for The Atlantic and talks openly about race relations and the state of racism in modern societies. Recently, Coates has shared insightful points and stories about Donald Trump’s election and how the radical shift from President Obama to Trump reflects what’s spread into society by the mainstream media throughout the election process.

If you want to learn more about race in politics, government and how race is broadcasted to the general public, Coates is a great voice to listen to and learn the truth and avoid being manipulated.


Russell Brand

Brand is an unlikely character to appear on such a list, but his dramatic transformation since becoming sober 14 years ago is definitely noteworthy. In recent years, Brand has captured the attention of the world by uncovering news stories and revealing how the mainstream media manipulates society to align with big business agendas and the desires of the elite.

His YouTube show, “The Trews,” has over 400 episodes and counting, covering a wide range of topics, including political scandals, the dangers of TTIP, big business tax evasion and racial injustices. While Brand openly admits he’s no expert, he presents the truth to the public in a down-to-earth manner and points people to where they can learn more.


Max Keiser

Max Keiser is an expert on all matters related to the economy. His exposure of Bitcoin and how banks are behind most of the world’s troubles has given him a seat among the most influential candidates on this list. If you want to learn how banks and currency are being used to keep the rich richer and the poor poorer, Max Keiser has understandable and valuable insights for you.

The world of economics can be daunting and scary for the average person, but Keiser breaks things down so anyone can understand them, making it easier to spot what’s happening in local and global economies.

With so much information out there, it’s nearly impossible to know what’s true. These five voices contribute to sharing real news across the globe, so people can see what’s going on behind the scenes, uncovering what mainstream media doesn’t want you to know. Each has their own specific tone, style and expertise, but they all share one commonality, and that’s truth telling.

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